Guest Ranch Burned by Wallow Fire gets Unexpected Help
The largest wildfire in Arizona's history burned 538-thousand acres of forest. The Wallow Fire also destroyed more than 30 homes and cabins. One Eastern Arizona ranch was hit particularly hard.  As KJZZ's Paul Atkinson reports, the family plans to rebuild with some unexpected help.
Jul. 15, 2011
Harry Potter Mania in Valley Theatres
KJZZ's Dennis Lambert sat down with Harkin Theatre's Brian Laurel with all the excitement surrounding this last film in the Harry Potter Series.
Jul. 14, 2011
Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Jennifer Wright
Mayoral candidate, attorney Jennifer Wright, joins host Steve Goldstein to talk about her campaign and plans for Phoenix's future.
Jul. 13, 2011
Finding Connections Within a City
For the first time in almost two decades, the Phoenix mayoral election is considered a wide open race, with candidates who come from different regions of the city.With that in mind, KJZZ is looking to profile the varied regions within Phoenix's city limits.
Jul. 13, 2011
Wallow Fire Aftermath
Here and Now's Steve Goldstein talks to two experts about flooding concerns and the aftermath of the largest wildfire in Arizona's history, as well as the volatile relationship between humans and fire.
Jul. 13, 2011
Was the All-Star game a grand slam for the Phoenix economy?
The All-Star Game brought visitors to the valley from across the country, giving the down Arizona economy a shot in the arm.  KJZZ's Morning Edition Host Dennis Lambert spoke with Ray Artigue, former director of the sports business MBA program at ASU's W.
Jul. 13, 2011
Post Wallow Fire: Cattle may not Graze in Forest
Ranchers who lease forest land may not be allowed to graze cattle in areas burned by the largest fire in Arizona’s history.  As KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports in our series on the aftermath of the Wallow Fire, ranchers may have to look elsewhere to feed their cattle this year.
Jul. 13, 2011
Mesa Targets Convenience Store Crime
Politicians in Mesa say the city’s convenience stores have a crime problem.  The city council is about to pass an ordinance requiring store owners to crank up security. It’s bad news for beer thieves.
Jul. 12, 2011
KJZZ News Wins Journalism Awards
KJZZ News reporters and staff received several journalism awards for their work in 2011. The KJZZ News Team won a Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R Murrow Award and a Public Radio News Director Inc.
Jul. 12, 2011
Post Wallow Fire: Wildlife Looking for Food and Shelter
Residents in Eastern Arizona can expect more contact with wildlife following the worst wildfire in Arizona history. The Wallow Fire burned more than 538-thousand acres, including prime habitat for several species of animals.
Jul. 12, 2011
All-Star Rosters Disappoint
Tonight is the 2011 All-Star game at Chase Field. KJZZ's Morning Edition Host Dennis Lambert spoke with MLB.com's Barry Bloom about some of the unique aspects of this years event.
Jul. 12, 2011
Freezing University Tuition
New Arizona Board of Regents Chair Fred Duval says he wants to avoid raising university tuition.  KJZZ's Steve Goldstein talks with Duval about how he plans to pull that off.
Jul. 11, 2011
Post Wallow Fire: Crews Target Safety and Flood Prevention
KJZZ's Paul Atkinson reports on efforts to prevent flooding and make Eastern Arizona forests safe following the worst wildfire in Arizona history. Click HERE to see what the Wallow Fire destroyed.
Jul. 11, 2011
Pela Review:  Cinderella
   KJZZ's Theater Critic Robrt Pela reviews Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre's production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella which runs through August 6th.
Jul. 10, 2011
AZ StoryCorps: Broadcast Pioneer Mary Jo West
   In this AZ-Edition of StoryCorps, Mary Jo West looks back on what it was like to be a female pioneer in broadcasting in the 70s and Arizona's first female news anchor.  StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.
Jul. 10, 2011
AZ StoryCorps: Determined
   In this AZ-Edition of StoryCorps, German Audies Cadenas talks with his friend Pedro Lopez about his determination to graduate from ASU in spite of numerous obstacles.  StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.
Jul. 10, 2011
AZ StoryCorps: Fleeing Baghdad
    In this AZ-Edition of StoryCorps, Wasnaa Adnam reminisces with her daughter Aysar Jaber about the struggles they faced while fleeing Baghdad in 2003, their journey to the U.S. and hopes for the future.
Jul. 10, 2011
AZ StoryCorps: Sisters Mary & Joan
   In this AZ-Edition of StoryCorps, sisters Mary Juergens and Joan Saunders reminisce about growing up in a family with nine girls and finding strength in numbers when it came time to care for their ailing father.
Jul. 10, 2011
AZ Jobless Worry About Benefits Running Out
New numbers show the economy only created 18-thousand jobs nationwide in June.  That means there are millions of Americans still out of work…and many of them are collecting unemployment benefits.
Jul. 8, 2011
Barbara Olachea
Barbara Olachea is a graduate of Alhambra High School, where she covered events for her school newspaper.
Jul. 6, 2011