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Bill aims to give Arizona teachers upfront money to stock classrooms with school supplies.
February 18, 2018
The director of the Bureau of Indian Education told a House committee Wednesday President Donald Trump’s budget will not impact plans to improve Native American education, despite a 16 percent cut to the bureau.
February 16, 2018
SUSD Rally
During the meeting, Birdwell announced another top administrator, chief operations officer Louis Hartwell, would be leaving the district. Hartwell’s departure follows the district’s chief financial officer last month.
February 14, 2018
Arizona Supreme Court building
The Arizona Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether students with DACA status are eligible for in-state tuition.
February 14, 2018
This year, Murphy Elementary district overspent more than $2 million.
February 13, 2018
There is no difference in employment rates and salaries between first-generation college students and their peers, but those first-generation students face hurdles to graduation.
February 13, 2018
The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools revoked the charter for Bradley Academy of Excellence, Inc., which ran Discovery Creemos.
On Monday, the Arizona charter school board revoked the charter of Discovery Creemos Academy in Goodyear. That school closed suddenly last month after financial difficulties.
February 12, 2018
Doug Virgil
The Scottsdale Unified School District appointed Doug Virgil as interim Chief Financial Officer at a meeting Thursday.
February 09, 2018
student in classroom
Education is changing, both in Arizona and across the country, as leaders debate new models and ways of teaching students.
February 08, 2018
Mugshot of Sarah Diaz
A woman who stole more than $75,000 from the Topock Elementary School District was sentenced to jail Wednesday.
February 08, 2018
Susan Segal
Attorney Susan Segal found while the former Chief Financial Officer did report a conflict of interest, she never fully disclosed the depth of the conflict and continued to sign financial documents relating to Professional Group Public Consulting Inc.
February 06, 2018
ELL Teachers
Two states repealed their laws last year, making Arizona the last state practicing the “Structured English Immersion” model.
February 06, 2018
classroom teacher
Arizona is not one of 16 states actively tracking teacher supply and demand.
February 05, 2018
A bill working its way through the New Mexico legislature would require high school students apply for college, join the military or commit to a specific job or internship in order to graduate
February 05, 2018
Dominique Yellowhair practices drilling a cavity
“There’s a question of representation,” said fourth year dental student Sarah Yankton Hill. The Society of American Indian Dentists found there are fewer than 300 American Indian dentists to serve a population of 5.2 million Native Americans.
February 02, 2018
Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is ready to move forward in the Hamilton High School football sex assault case, but believes not all of the victims have come forward.
February 01, 2018
The Republican leader of the Arizona Senate wants to end annual 20 percent increases to a corporate tax credit that funds private school scholarships.
February 01, 2018
A charter school in a Phoenix suburb that closed abruptly says it has had financial difficulties for the past few years.
February 01, 2018
A few years ago, some colleges and universities were starting to implement a new model for education: the $10,000 degree. Eric Kelderman, senior reporter at the Chronicle of Higher Education, gives us a sense of where this idea stands now and what it’s future might be.
January 31, 2018
Bloom365 teacher
Several years before the #MeToo and #IHave hashtags began a movement rallying support against sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, another movement was already underway here in the Valley. One local nonprofit has been teaching teens how respect, empathy and trust are at the root of any good relationship.
January 31, 2018