AAA Arizona Survey Shows 30 Percent Spike In Distracted Driving Since 2013

Published: Friday, March 30, 2018 - 4:09pm
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A new survey from AAA Arizona shows that almost nine in 10 drivers say distracted driving is a growing problem. But more drivers are also texting and talking while driving.

The number of drivers who admit to using a cellphone behind the wheel has jumped 30 percent since 2013. AAA Arizona spokeswoman Michelle Donati said this underscores the importance of awareness and the need to make distracted driving just as taboo as drunk driving.

"It’s really a change in culture,” Donati said. “We need to address this epidemic because it’s something that other drivers don’t want to see happening on the road, but they are engaging in it as well.”

Donati added that nearly half of those distracted drivers said they used a headset while driving and more than a third sent a text or email while behind the wheel.

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