Arizona Lawmakers Give Preliminary Approval To Teen Texting And Driving Ban

Published: Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 8:01am

Arizona lawmakers have given preliminary approval to legislation that would make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving. But it would only apply to certain people.

The measure will affect drivers with a learner's permit or during the first six months a teenager has a regular license. It is small step compared to the full ban sought by some lawmakers.

Those efforts have repeatedly failed to get a hearing over the years, including this session.

Opponents said it could turn Arizona into a “nanny state.” But the bill’s sponsor said there are already restrictions on what new drivers can do, including a ban on driving after midnight unless it’s to or from work or school.

All but four states ban texting while driving. Arizona only bars school bus drivers from texting.

The measure now needs a formal House vote before heading to Gove. Ducey's desk for his consideration.

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